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Diya Hot Sauce

Take a taste of Diya home with you, in the form of our bottled hot sauce. Chef Vid's flavorful blend of spices is a wonderful way to tantalize your palate in the comfort of your abode. 

Welcome to Diya 

By TheRookmanGroup

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About Our Restaurant

Diya Miami has permanently closed its doors in Miami Beach. A family passion, the plant-based eatery was family-owned and operated.

The Rookman Group was founded by Sister in law duo, Valerie Slone and Executive Chef & Scientist Vidya Maharaj, and with the help of her brothers Dharam Maharaj and Manni Maharaj, Diya Miami was born.The Rookman group known for its brands Diya and BackRoom has now expanded into a national food manufacturing company!Vidya Maharaj, born in Trinidad, has a degree in Epidemiology, but has always had true passion for cooking. Vidya loves combining her scientific knack for problem solving and her passion for creating flavors to excite the pallet, which was not only loved but the locals, but also celebrities that made sure to make Diya a stop anytime they were in the area. Vidya is a wife and mother, and while building a gourmet food brand, alongside heading a pharmaceutical research and development firm, makes sure to fly out, whenever possible, to be with her daughter, 10 year old Saheli Khan, who is currently traveling on broadway Valerie Slone has a hospitality and mixology background, customer satisfaction has always been an important part of her journey, from waiting tables thru college, to learning and mastering the bar, to acquiring the skills needed for management, and now to ownership. Valerie likes to wear all the hats in her business to fully understand the scope of how it all works… she not only headed the Expo side nightly at Diya & Backroom, but also handled all Payroll and HR responsibilities. “We had opened just before the pandemic closures, we need to save money where possible, in addition to the struggle of finding good help, I had to take on these tasks to keep the ball rolling.” “Although we have loved and learned a lot from our Brick n Mortar location, it is time to close the book on that chapter of our journey (for now “hint, hint) to utilize our team correctly and focus on our expansion models of bringing our gourmet products to market, Diya Hot Sauce, and Diya Cocktail Syrups.” Why cocktail syrups…When we opened DiyaMiami, we new we wanted to create an elevated experience, and something special… so while vidya curated the menu, Valerie worked on building a supreme cocktail menu… she had created one of the restaurants top cocktail: the Lavtini, a gin based martini that used store bought lavender syrup. As they ran into supply issues during pandemic, and knowing the Diya regulars came for the Lavtini specifically, the idea came up “what if we made it ourselves?”…. Not only did we make it ourselves but we made it better then what we were buying!“It was always important to Vidya to make as much as we could in our kitchen- hand folded samosas, spice blends made from scratch, dosa batter fermented in house (a 24 hr process) So it occurred to me, why cant we make our own cocktail syrups, and Vidya ran wild with this, and then crafted our turmeric and chai syrups to add to the list! Our customers were blown away, and we were saving on purchasing a heavily preserved product!” Diya syrup line pairs great with cocktails, flavoring lemonades, and even making gourmet hot teas! Why Hot Sauce…Vidya originally just whipped up a quick hot sauce for herself and her team to eat with the food during shifts at the restaurant … she always enjoyed the extra flavors and heat in her dishes…. But after the staff started eating it in their daily shift meals… and then secretly offering to our guests when they would ask for a high spice level "let me bring you some of the owner’s stash" it was not long before the hot sauce was a top requested item… and people were asking how they could buy it. Vidya knew she had something special! She perfected the recipe and got to work on production, as our in-house bottling runs went out of stock 3 times, they just couldn’t keep up with the demand!Now as a food manufacturing company, their goal is to share some of their unique products nationally, and plan to expand internationally as well! Expect to see their brands at airport supermarket shelves, lounges, stadiums, etcKeep following them as they continue to grow their brand and excite your pallet@diyamiami@chefidemiologist@val_yael
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1766 Bay Rd Miami Beach, FL 33139

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Indian, Contemporary Asian, Vegetarian / Vegan

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